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Archetypes of the Brook


Discover your archetype profile by playing BrookMaster.


Read how Pete Cameron discovers his archetypes and transforms his life.


Although your life is largely the consequence of your actions, it also is effected by the actions of others. The six archetypes of the brook represent the characteristics of most people you come across. These are: leader, entrepreneur, manager, consultant, trustee and intellectual. Understanding the attributes of these six will help you deal with them effectively. An accomplished navigator can assume the archetype needed at any time. The BrookMaster Self-Assessment and Leadership Coaching Tool utilizes the four principles, and the archetypes in particular, to help you become a more effective leader, entrepreneur or manager. BrookMaster also uses the two Grand Archetypes, Givers and Takers, that represent your ethical balance.

Here, "Archetype" refers to the original pattern or model of all things of the same type, whether the things be individuals or organizations. Since organizations are composed of individuals and they reflect the characteristics of those responsible for the actions of the organization, these archetypes apply to organizations as well as to the individual that form the organization.

Developed over a period of more than three decades of research, these archetypes have been tested, applied and refined in a variety of settings ranging from the classroom to businesses, government organizations, and individuals from all walks of life. The BrookMaster Self-Assessmment and Leadership Coaching Tool uses the archetypes and the Four Principles of Purposeful Action to predict the likelihood or propensity of an individual to act as any of these archetypes.

No individual or organization acts as just one archetype, and individual actions can reflect a blend of various archetypes. Thus, the archetypal balance can change during the course of action, particularly if the action occurs over an extended period of time, or significant changes are encountered.

Six Business Archetypes
There are numerous archetypes in the world, but we have defined six archetypes of the business world that encompass the characteristics of most individuals we come across. These six archetypes are: Leader, Entrepreneur, Manager, Trustee, Intellectual and Consultant.

An individual might be a leader archetype at work, and may act as a trustee at home. A corporation that starts as an entrepreneur archetype, like Microsoft, may transform to become a trustee organization concerned primarily with maintaining its wealth and power. Such transformations in individuals and organizational have been studied and reported extensively and they can be predicted by the BrookMaster tool.

Two Grand Archetypes
Two Grand Archetypes, the Givers and the Takers, reflect the ethical balance of all the other archetypes. Each of the six business archetypes can act as either a giver or a taker, reflecting the motivation for the action and the effect it has on others. The lives and actions of the business archetypes also are affected by the ethical choices they make.

The links to your left lead to pages that describe each of the six business archetypes and the two grand archetypes.

To discover your archetypal profile and to learn how to transform yourself from your current archetype to an archetype of your choice at will, use the BrookMaster Self-Assessment and Leadership Coaching Tool.

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